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Put the host back in web hosting with SIMPLEXHOST comprehensive services. Every business, whether a startup or an enterprise, deserves state of the art security, an abundance of disk space and RAM, cybersecurity measures and protected online payment options—just for starters. Enjoy a customized package that fits your budget, whether you want shared, virtual or dedicated web hosting. SIMPLEXHOST is more than “just” a web host. We’re your full-fledged virtual IT department, working around the clock to optimize your online presence. Websites don’t operate on banker’s hours and neither should your web host.

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Each and every customer (and their website!) is unique, which is why every package personalized by SIMPLEXHOST is one of a kind, too. Solutions are designed to fully meet your needs, so you can take advantage of affordable and flexible services from industry leaders. Combined, we offer years of technical experience and keep up-to-date with the latest advances, like mobile readiness, to meet search engine’s ever-changing algorithm updates. However, where we really shine is customer service. Hopefully you’ll never need to reach out to your web host in the middle of the night—but if you do, you deserve superior, fast and friendly service. That’s how we put the host firmly into web hosting.

Features and Options

Various Cloud Locations

Just like in real estate, location is everything. We offer services in 3 of locations in Europe, so no matter where home base or headquarters may be, your host is nearby and likely sharing a similar time zone as you. This also leads to better connectivity, which is a must for businesses that want to put their best digital face forward.

Ultra fast SSD disks

We offer ultra fast SSD disks so you can do more in less time. These aren’t your grandmother’s classic moving platter hard disks (HDD). With zero moving parts for more durability, it’s easy to open applications, transfer data and boot up in a jiffy.

High-performance Hardware

We also have super high performance hardware, testing hundreds of server configuration and accessories every year to keep your performance high and costs low. There’s plenty of redundant local storage in our data centers, and with around the clock support you know your website is safeguarded.

Cost. Effective.

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How much does SIMPLEXHOST web hosting and email cost? It depends on you, your business, your needs and your budget. However, the basic plan starts at just $5 per month, which is probably less than your last lunch tab. With shared hosting plans, sharing truly is caring, but SIMPLEXHOST never overburdens servers with too many clients. Your shared hosting plan is capped so you still enjoy all the quick, reliable services and features you want without the price of a dedicated server. It’s ideal for most startups, small- and mid-sized businesses.

Your Business, Your Choice.

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In addition to shared hosting, SIMPLEXHOST also offers VPS hosting (virtual private server) and dedicated servers/management. VPS hosting packages start at rates that fit any budget and let you instantly provision over 100 images with guaranteed resources. This virtual machine gives you “super user access” to a superior operating system. It’s more like VIP than VPS with our Xen Cloud Platform and 3 independent clouds in the fastest Datacenters in Europe.

Buying your own dedicated server, then combining that power with SIMPLEXHOST management, is the ultimate in web hosting. You don’t share your server with anyone, there’s premium management by experts in the field, and nothing gives you and your website visitors a better experience.

Our plans and pricing

Xen Public Cloud

from $20 /mo.

  • Free Inbound bandwidth
  • Guaranteed CPU, RAM resources
  • Xen based Virtualization
  • Install from ISO
  • Complete i386 and 64bit support
  • 3 European Locations

Dedicated Servers

from $80 /mo.

  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Fast Setup
  • 1Gbps/100Mbps Uplink
  • Web Control Panels
  • Dell/HP Hardware
  • 10+ Worldwide locations

Ready to keep things simple?

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